Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Crafting Game-Changer

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Pinterest is horrible sometimes!  All of the crafts look so easy.  You see tags like:
"No-Sew Blankets in 30 Minutes!"
"5 Easy Steps to a Clean House"
or the worst...
"3-ingredient dessert for only 200 calories!"  (But it's never 200 calories, and always has a few more ingredients.

But, of course I still look on Pinterest, pinning crafts, quilts and food with the greatest of intentions of  doing them ALL. 

And sometimes, my job requires me to look on Pinterest ( I know, dream come true).  I have recently taken up the position of Coordinator for the night time MOPS and once a month we get to make a craft.  Where is the perfect place to look for crafts?  Pinterest of course!

I decided to choose a pretty intense craft.  Blocks of wood painted with fall colors and lettering on one side, and winter colors and more lettering on the other side.  The only dilemma being, I am not so great at painting letters.  They always look  a little crooked and seem  to be too thick in some areas and too thin in other areas.  And then my boss said the most amazing thing, "Let's get a Cricut!"

We would not only be using the Cricut on this craft, but on many others.  An investment.  I was ecstatic.  It was a crafting game-changer!  When it was delivered I immediately set it up, and started fiddling around with fonts and clip art.  We purchased the Cricut Explore, which hooks straight to your computer with a USB instead of using cartridges.  So font and clipart options were endless. 

The blocks that I cut for the project
So, I started cutting out all the letters that we'll be needing for our craft and it looks so professional!  No more fat/skinny letters!  I made one craft project to make sure it looked okay, and I think it turned out pretty decent.  The cost wasn't too bad either, especially with things at Hobby Lobby always seeming like they are 50% off.
Happy Fall!

We'll be making around 20 over the next 3 weeks, here's to hoping everything goes very smoothly!