Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm Leaving On A {Jumbo} Jet Plane

As Peter, Paul and Mary say, "I'm leaving on a jet plane", but mine will be bigger and I DO know when I'll be back again.  If you are missing this reference, download the song :)

I leave in 5 days, and am not ready.

  • No packing done, but I have started a few piles around the house
  • No laundry done...a work in progress. On load #3 right now.  It doesn't help that I'm doing four other peoples laundry as well.
  • Have not emotionally prepared myself to leave my children and husband for 10 day.  Tears will be shed, I'm sure of it.
  • No supplies bought, but I have made a huge Target shopping list including "travel size" everything, and all medicines that will cover any ailment that might arise while I am gone.  
This mission trip to Germany will be different from any of the other ones, because I'm flying solo this time.  I keep telling myself that I am a big girl and it's fine that I won't have kids to be a mother to, or a husband to lean on when a problem arises.  But as time passes, I seem to be more dependent on the roles of "mother" and "wife", and less dependent of the role "Patsy".  

That is why this trip will be good for me.  It will make me step out of my comfort zone.  Not too much out of my comfort zone; I know what to expect from camp, culturally, and know a large portion of the people already there.  I'm praying that this will help me grow spiritually and set a good example for my kids.

Please pray for Greg and his parents, as they take care of the kids while I am away.  Patience will definitely be tested.

Please pray for me that I will have the right words to say to these kids, to have a good attitude and good health while I am there.

Hopefully I'll have a blog update from Germany in about a week!