Friday, November 2, 2012

Lego Man and Rapunzel

Lego Man
Wow.  It's been awhile since I've posted anything.  I guess I've been waiting for creativity to strike, and Halloween was the perfect opportunity!  Nolan and I were looking through costumes on Pinterest (a horrible addicting habit) and he saw this Lego costume.  It didn't look too hard, and it wasn't.  We went to Greg's store and picked out a box that would fit his chest.  I cut down six Red Solo Cups and hot glued them on to the front.  I cut out openings for his arms and head and then re-inforced the openings with duct tape.  I then got some red spray paint (because Nolan HAD to be a red lego) and sprayed it in the backyard.  I found a Lego logo on the internet, blew it up to extreme size and pasted it to the back, just to make sure if anyone was confused about what he was supposed to be. 

 He had a great time posing for the camera.  He had some various "Lego" emotions such as: sad, mad, surprised and the faves of being patriotic, strong and surprised.  Maybe you can match up the emotions with the pictures!

Pulling on the braids
  This year Mallory went as a princess (of course).  I thought some braids would turn her in to the cutest Rapunzel ever.  I crocheted a pink beanie and then took a lot of yellow yarn to make the braids.  I left a section at the front for her to see out of, and then pulled the yarn through the last crocheted row.  It was super funny to see her wear it.  The first time she put it on she hated it, but after a lot of convincing she decided to sport the braids all through the Halloween party at school and through all the events on Halloween Day.  The only problem being, whenever she was annoyed or sad, she would pull (and stretch out) the braids like she was holding on for dear life.  This hat will be a great addition to the dress-up box for the rest of the year!
Sad Rapunzel
Disgruntled Rapunzel